29.8.15 The Safari Finale

“Behind every great musician is an untold story” (Alexandra Parker, 2015)

What a night!!! Most definitely the best Safari night of the lot, and I am going to miss the Safari Nights so much!

My day begin performing in the courtyard for an hour.  As I walked around the corner I could hear a beautiful male voice, and who did I see before me, James Sutherland, an incredible pianist and singer, so amazing that I have booked him to perform for my Birthday. YAY!!!

I loved performing in the courtyard, it’s so much more personal as I am really close to people and it’s much more intimate.  I like having a good chat with people really 😀 and being able to see peoples faces…and seeing the kids dancing 😀 so cute

Over the weeks of the Safari nights, I wanted to make sure that I wore a different dress every time, that’s 8 dresses all together *grits teeth* it was such a difficult decision because we all have our favourite few dresses don’t we girls?  Here’s a montage of the dresses that I wore during my performances:

Because it was the last 2015 show at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, I had promised visitors that I would spend some time making my way around the audience before the big show for photo’s and to meet people, and surprisingly I saw so many people that I knew haha, or people who’s relatives weddings I had performed at over the years.  Dom came to photograph the event 😀 here’s me and Dom, lovely bloke and fab photographer.

And of course my dad was with me 😀 he enjoyed meeting lots of people too…here we are having a laugh before the show….
IMG_0893 IMG_0941

Thank you to everyone who came and said hi and wanted to chat, and for those of you who asked to have your photo taken with me 🙂 it was so wonderful to meet you all and hear about your lives.  Here I am about to make my way out into the audience.  In all honesty I was feeling very nervous about it and ventured through without security haha, so thank you for all being so lovely.


I’ll put all of the photo’s on my Facebook page here over the next few days https://www.facebook.com/officialalexandraparker so pop onto it, and give me a like.  If you can, tag yourself in the photo’s too 😀

It was a big show this night, with a big line up.  There was ME, Little Mix Tribute, Elaine Huckle and Jake Quickenden 😀 The dressing room was very lively as I’m sure you can imagine haha.  The girls from the Little Mix Tribute band were all so lovely, down to earth girls.  One of them said to me “Davey Stuart says hi,” haha such a small world.  Davey is a singer who I’ve worked with quite a few times…I wanted to say cute singer but he is all grown up now.


Here I am preparing to go on stage…eeeeeeeeeeeeee

As I am waiting to enter the stage, nerves grab me and take over.  I can feel the adrenaline rushing through me.  Anyone who is a musician will know how great this feeling is.  It means that you have passion for your job and that the performance is going to be a good one.  The second I walk onto stage, the nerves turn into excitement, and then my performance begins.  My eyes close, and my violin moulds into my body, becoming part of me, and I drift off into another dimension, another place.  A place filled with contentment, desire, love, pain, sadness…so many emotions and feelings.  This is where I draw my emotions from for my performance.

I LOVED IT !!!!!!!

When my performance ended, I felt that I’d played really well, the best out of all the Safari Nights 🙂 I’m always critical of my own performances.

After the show, as I did every week, I walked to the barriers for more photo’s and autographs.  A lovely family who came to see me every week, handed over a beautiful bouquet of flowers…and I cried.  The feeling was so overwhelming, that they appreciated me so much, I just couldn’t hold it in.  And then, Matt from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park came over and presented me with another bouquet of flowers 😀 It felt wonderful.  I felt so loved.  Of course I dished out hugs to the whole family 😀 and Matt
Bit of a blurry photo haha whoops.

Here are some more photo’s from the night.  Don’t forget that you can see them all here: https://www.facebook.com/officialalexandraparker

Remember to shine brightly in all that you do, because you really can be anything that you want to be.

Love to you all

Alexandra xxx
PS. Quite a few people have asked where they can send fan mail, so here is the address, I always try and reply to all fan mail so don’t forget to stick a return address in there 🙂 :
PO BOX 1162

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