The Launch – Skoda Superb

“Travel in Style.  Travel in Space.” (Skoda 2015)

So, the NEW Skoda Superb.  What do you think?

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t get any time to have a look around the car or even give it a test drive to be able to write about the car itself, but the launch was fantastic at Doncaster’s Skoda Showroom.  There were casino tables, canapé’s and champagne, which all looked fantastic.  The guy who booked me, Mr James Wilson, was actually one of my Grooms 🙂 I played for his wedding 7 years ago, so it was great to see him, and have a little catch up too.

If you’re a regular over here on my blog, you’ll know that I like to match to the colour scheme of an event, but Skoda = Green.  There are no green dresses in my wardrobe haha.  I know what you’re thinking girls, another excuse to go shopping 😉


Whilst I was playing violin, a young girl approached me and asked if I was from Belton 🙂 “Yes, I am, are you form Belton?”  As it turns out, I knew her mum, one of the Pollards (well she’s married now), who plays the bagpipes.  I used to be able to hear her practising all the way from my house.  I felt like I was in Scotland.  The young girls mum and dad came over for a chat which was really lovely.

One of the sales guys from the show room has loads of parties at home so has his own lighting rig and PA system for DJ’ing.  It was a great set up.  He is getting married next year 😀 and has booked me.  It’s a same sex marriage, I am so excited 😀

I had a great night and travelled home to prepare for the next day for the big drive to Scotland for a Wedding.  On my journey the next day, I received a lovely text from James who had booked me…

I seem to have done a lot of car launches now including the Skoda Superb; Landrover Sport; Nissan Leaf; and BMW i3.  All completely contrasting vehicles.  I am yet to do a new Lorry Launch haha