2.10.15 Mr & Mrs Greaves Vow Renewal

“Marriage is more than the entanglement of two hearts, it is the entwining of two lives, forever” (unknown)

20 years Charlotte & Michael had been married.  What a wonderful thing and a beautiful family.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate 20 years together than renewing your wedding vows. (Yes, I can be a little soppy sometimes)


For a change I was on time, rather than being EARLY.  About 10 minutes into my journey there was a huge accident so I had to turn around and go a completely different way.  Thank god I always set off early.

As the guests flooded in, I was completely amazed by all of the hats and fascinators.  Charlotte (the bride) owns Funky Fascinators had made all of the guests beautiful head wear.  Have a look…
charlotte22  charlotte27charlotte11charlotte24charlotte14

I think that the last one is my favourite.

What made this day even more special was the ‘Father’ who originally married them came out of retirement to renew their wedding vows.  “When Charlotte & Michael rang me, I didn’t remember them, but I did remember their wedding.  It was like that John Smiths advert with all the men in dinner jackets.” Haha.  There were some really comical moments, that I would struggle to get across in words.  I suppose you could say they were ‘be there’ moments.  For example (and it’s not really an example, it actually happened and was really funny at the time), Michael (the groom) addressed the congregation to say that he was more nervous than the first time, then a little voice came from behind him (the Father), “Me too.”

Father Wrightson spoke about marriage, “I know little or nothing about marriage, but I do know that our views on marriage have changed over the years.  In my Grandfathers day it was ‘If ya do as ya told lad you’ll be alright’, but I’ll never forget visiting my Auntie in Buckinghamshire with my parents. Her husband was a brussen man, ‘Don’t you forget I’m the head of this house’ he said to my Aunt.  She was a sweet demure lass.  She replied with ‘Yes dear, you’re the head and I’m the neck and I’ll turn you any way I want'”

Haha I thought that was fantastic.
charlotte 25

The ceremony was lovely, and when it came to the exchange of rings, the bride was putting the grooms ring on his finger, and he looked up at her and said, “Ive put a bit of weight on since the first time.” The Father asked if anyone had any butter which I found amusing.  Just little moments like that make me smile 🙂

As I was playing electric violin for the drinks reception, I spotted my good friend Steve Lovehe’s an incredible musician.  It was great to get the opportunity to have a bit of a catch up at some pint during the wedding.  Here’s me and Steve…and Tom Norton from the Crown Hotel in the background 🙂 haha

Special little touches make such a big difference to a wedding, and one of the special little touches of Charlotte & Michael was to give each guests a sparkler, which they could go outside and light at any time during the wedding, while they thought about a loved one who is no longer here.  It really touched me, it was like someone had just given my heart a cuddle.

The whole day was fantastic.  I’m going to leave you now with some photo’s from the day, starting with my favourite:


Haha have a great day xxx

charlotte5 charlotte20 charlotte21 charlotte19 charlotte18 charlotte12 charlotte10 charlotte13