22.10.15 The Mercure Launch

“Fate creates chances which give you opportunity.  It’s what you do next that creates your destiny.” (Lee Clothier, 2015)

I first met Liam Grady by chance about a year ago when he turned up at my house to buy my Gerbils (that’s not a euphemism).  We got chatting and as it happens he is the owner of Pudding PR.

That chance meeting led to a recent appointment with me, Liam and Tina O’Hara (Director of Sales – Cairn/Mercure Hotels) at the new Mercure Danum Hotel to talk about the possibility of me working alongside them as a Hotel chain.  As I walked through the doors, sat right in front of me, was Holly (Business Development Manager – Mercure) who was in the year above me at South Axholme School.  Another lovely chance meeting.

All of the people involved in the meeting got on like a house on fire and time ran away with us so much, that when I returned to my car it had been slapped with a parking ticket (whoops).

The first event for The Mercure Doncaster Centre Danum Hotel (its new official name) was to perform at the VIP Launch.

I always arrive early to ensure that everything is ok but by chance I made the decision to set up the PA system (sound equipment) the evening before (about 10pm).  The stage was so tall that there wasn’t enough head height for my violin bow, so I spoke to Stephen Marriott (General Manager – Mercure Danum) and by chance the tradesmen who were working on the refurb were sat in the bar.  They were on the ball immediately and had a new stage built by 9am the next morning.  Absolutely incredible set of workers.

So the stage was set for the grand launch.

Thursday afternoon (day of the launch) arrived and satisfied that I knew everything was ready for my performance, I headed up to my room (courtesy of Mercure Danum) to get ready.  It has to be said, the hotel looks fantastic.

At 17:45 I was placed on stage about to begin my performance which was due to finish at 9pm…3 hours and 15 minutes of violin playing! Ouch!!


What an enjoyable evening.  One of the guests told me that I had played at his wedding seven years ago, and now has two beautiful children.  🙂 Wonderful, I love a happy story.

By chance, after this event I could just toddle up stairs to bed rather than pack up my equipment and drive home. Which was lucky, because if I had have driven home I would have had to sleep in my performance dress… I was completely stuck!!!

No exaggeration, Lee tried for 45 minutes to get the zip down on my dress before we made the joint decision to get the scissors out :/  The cake in the bottom right of the photo aided the wound after I managed to escape.

So remember, take a chance, you never know what might happen