31.10.15 Mr & Mrs Mobbs

“From this day forward, you shall not walk alone, my heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.”

Lincoln bound today for Heidi & Chris’s Wedding at The Judges Lodgings.  I had never been there before and like to set off super early when performing at new venues, so that I can scope them out.  Also, I was aware that there would be lots of Saturday shoppers and the venue has no parking of it’s own *grits teeth*.

I arrived to see 2 parking spaces in the car park opposite the venue…phew!  I was so pleased that I had got there so early.

When ringing the bell of the Judges Lodgings door, I was greeted by two puzzled faces who clearly weren’t expecting anyone yet.  Well, there was another hour before I was expected to arrive.  The young man who worked there was so help full.  He offered to help me carry in my equipment and made me a welcomed cup of tea.

I was ready, with 1 hour 30mins to spare…I was colour coordinated too 😀 BLUE

…so I took the opportunity to do some technical practise, before properly getting myself ready…

Ta daaaaah!!!

The first guests arrived and took their seats, a lovely young couple and I noticed straight away that the guys purply/pink tie matched his girlfriends shawl.  I said to them how lovely it was to see them matching.  “You have no idea how long it took us to do this,” she laughed.

As the guests flooded into the room, they were followed by a group of RAF personnel all in uniform, who sat right at the back.  The room wasn’t small but was cosy enough for me to be able to hear peoples conversations, even over the music. One of the RAF guys said rather loudly, “I hope she does the Star Wars Theme Tune,” haha if I had have had it to hand, I would have done it.

Not long before the Bride arrived, a chain of Chinese whispers moved towards the front of the ceremony room eventually reaching one of the groomsmen who leant forward in front of me and whispered to the Father of the Groom, “Score report…Chelsea are winning!”  Haha great, football updates mid wedding.

Here’s the new Mr & Mrs Mobbs


Heidi walked down the aisle to ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars which was a great entrance song, VERY HAPPY and upbeat.  It’s very difficult to pace yourself speed wise down the aisle when you choose a fast song though and one bridesmaid practically skipped down the aisle haha which was really lovely.  The bridesmaids wore different coloured dresses, some blue, some silver, which I thought looked really nice, and especially will look pretty in the photos.  It give your bridesmaids a bit of individuality as well which I think is important.

During the vows, (the bit where you say ‘I am’ free to marry), Chris had just said his ‘I am’, the registrar looked at Heidi and said, “If you agree, reply with ‘I am'”…”I am” said Heidi instantly.  “Not yet,” the registrar laughed.  Everybody had a giggle.

It was a really lovely day and everybody that I met were so nice.