Diary of a Bride…(week 3)

“A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short.” (Andre Maurois)

Wow, this week has been stressful.  I feel knackered now haha. In all honesty, this week I began to feel overwhelmed with the volume of things that are going on.  Im in the final year of my Business Management Degree, running my business, looking after Dads house, project managing the building work at home, planning the wedding, sorting everything out for a mortgage.  I am a ‘To Do’ list kind of person.  I have lists everywhere but my list now was the length of both my arms, my legs, and longer and I also wanted some really good quality time with Lee (my fiancé) *Slaps forehead*.  Well Lee was just fantastic, he could tell the second that he saw me how overwhelmed I was feeling.  So we sat and went through my list and diarised everything.  My thought was, the more I get done this week, the easier the rest of my weeks will be haha.  That’s probably why I feel so tired, and probably why I took no photo’s at all this week, not even one 😦


DAY 16
Monday 26th October

EEE Me and Lee had a meeting with our Mortgage Advisor Richard Sangor tonight.  Buying our first home together is all becoming real now 😀 *super excited*

DAY 17
Tuesday 26th October

We bought our wedding rings haha.  Gina from Smooch Rings is amazing.  She’s one of my best friends, so technically I am biased haha.  It was the Doncaster Dome Wedding Fair in 2010 where we first met, both exhibiting there, but it just so happened that she was a Bride-to-be.  Within 10 minutes of meeting, she had booked me to perform for her wedding and in no time at all we became the very best of friends.  This is the very lady (and her now husband) who originally introduced Lee to me, so we owe them big time haha.

Here’s Gina and Chris on their wedding day…
gina and chris

The kettle was on when we arrived at Gina’s, the rings were out, and Chris was eating meat haha lots of meat!  Of course we’re all friends so it was casual, but I did comment that a random man eating meat in the background at appointments might make her more sales haha.  Me and Lee sat trying rings on together and helping each other choose.  We each managed to short list 3 rings that we loved, before looking at Gina with a look of “Help” in our eyes.  From her personal preference and hearing what other customers thoughts were through her experience she advised us on which would be the best, and our decision was made.  I am so excited.  I didn’t want to take it off haha.

DAY 18
Wednesday 28th October

I made a spreadsheet today to help keeping us organised with suppliers we have booked and payments.  One of my brides suggested it, and it really does help me to feel organised.  I know that I can’t lose track of things because you just go on and update it whenever you book someone new or make a payment.  I didn’t understand how to do those coding things so that it works it out for you though…luckily Lee did 🙂

DAY 19
Thursday 29th October

It was the Crown Hotel Wedding Open Evening tonight in Bawtry.  Lee came to help me.  When we walked in everyone had read the blogs and watched the engagement video.  They were all so excited.  It felt so amazing that everybody was so excited for us. We’re going to the Crown Hotel for dinner one night soon, it’s gorgeous and I am well over due a dinner there.  Their chef is incredible…you must go.

DAY 20
Friday 30th October

So, the house we went to visit which we both absolutely fell in love with…we put an offer in on it today.  I am excited, but so nervous.  I want the house so badly.  Keep your fingers crossed for us *grits teeth*

To be continued…..Week 4 coming soon…