16.4.16 The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Shores

“No marriage is all sunshine but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together”

Stephen & Emma booked me on 29th June 2015, 10 months before their big day at Beverley Minster…..BEVERLEY MINSTER!!!

Oh my life, I was so excited.  This was my first wedding this year…I know, after 14 years of playing at weddings you’d think that the excitement would have died down by now haha but no 🙂 I LOVE it.  My year so far has been birthday parties, funerals and corporate events…but now we are creeping into my season for weddings.

Lee, my Fiancé (yep it’s my turn to tie the knot soon EEP) said he’d be my driver for the day YAY 🙂  because parking around the Minster isn’t easy and I have a fair bit of equipment, not to mention, after the ceremony I was to head over to Tickton Grange to perform for the Drinks Reception.

We arrived at Beverley Minster and walked through the big ornate doors…it was so beautiful.  I love looking at architecture, I’m not sure if that’s a sign of getting old or not :/ haha.  The Bride was due to walk down the aisle at 12noon (it was now 11am).  I like to set up 1 hour before, even though it only takes me 10-15mins because if guests arrive early at a church, and the weather isn’t good, they tend to take their seats…I would feel a bit embarrassed and unprofessional if I was setting up when guests were walking in.  Anyway, I was told that there was another wedding in another part of the Minster so I couldn’t set up until 11:30am *grits teeth*  I knew that I’d have to be even speedier at setting up than normal…I times myself once and managed it in 6 minutes.  It was an emergency wedding.  The Groom (a military man) was about to be deployed.

With 30 minutes to spare, Lee and I headed across the road to a tea rooms called ‘Tea Cosy’.  It was really cute.  There were loads of cakes but we just stuck to the cups of tea 🙂 and kisses


The staff were really lovely, and so was the tea.  It was a really cute little tea rooms.  There was a picture on the wall which we loved….

11:25am arrived and we headed back across to the Minster, to be met by the Reverend, who has to be the youngest reverend that I have ever met.  He had such a lovely manner about him, with wedding guests and the Bride & Groom, with warmth and kindness.  I think the best way to describe his presence would be relaxing and gentle. It’s strange trying to describe someone’s presence isn’t it.  Well he’s definitely in the right job, everyone could see how much he loves it.

The guests began flooding into the Minster…

There were some beautiful outfits.  I played background music for the guests entering the Minster before the organist Robert Poyser was to take over to play for the entrance of the Bride.  ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ was played on the Organ as the bride and her bridesmaids maid their way down the aisle towards the altar.  It was amazing hearing non-classical music on an organ.  Robert was really nice & an incredible organist, we met briefly and had a chat 🙂

Here are the Bridesmaids driving at the Minster…
and Emma walking down the aisle…

Gareth held a very meaningful and lovely service, really enforcing the importance of marriage and how scary entering marriage can be.  I loved what he said about problems through marriage.  He compared them to a storm, and sitting through it together until the sun shines again in the morning, and that when it shines again, it shines even brighter than it did before.  I really liked that, so much that the opening quote relates exactly to the story that he told.  It was a great analogy.  I love analogies…I don’t know why but I find them really interesting.

The only thing that gets me, is that there was no “You may now kiss the bride” 😦 I find that in religious ceremonies there usually isn’t a ‘kissing of the bride’.  For me, the first kiss after becoming husband and wife is something that I am really excited about.  As a couple you’ve spent about 14 hours without kissing…the anticipation would kill me!!  So you’ve gathered that Me & Lee don’t go lengths of time without kissing *hands you a bucket* haha.

Here’s Reverend Gareth Atha in action…


After the vows (my favourite bit after the Bride walking down the aisle) the wedding party retired to another roommate sign the marriage register whilst I performed for the guests.  Emma & Stephen chose:-

Rule the World – Take That

All of Me – John Legend

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Hallelujah – Alexandra Burke

The acoustics in the Minster were out of this world, unbelievable.  I could have played in there for literally hours on end.

During one of the hymns I took a photo of the Bride & Groom through the bridesmaids…but the angle, and the way they are both stood makes it look a bit like Stephen is in the dress because you can’t see Emma’s face :/ so that was a bit of a whoops photograph

Still admiring the architecture…

When the Bride & Groom left the Minster with their guests following, I quickly packed up, jumped in Lee’s car and headed to Tickton Grange to set up ready for the Drinks Reception.  Like I said earlier, I like to be set up and playing before guests arrive, but when doing the church and drinks reception it’s always touch and go being ready to play for the first guest coming through the door at the next venue…but I did it, I don’t know how because I’m sure the guests left before me haha.

Here’s the new Mr & Mrs Shores at Tickton Grange…

It was a joy being involved in their wedding and meeting them.  They are such a wonderful could and I wish them the best for many years to come.

I’m going to leave you with a happy photo 🙂 Bye xxx