Diary of a Bride – freebie for you

Yes it has been about 8 months since I last posted a ‘Diary of a Bride’.  There is so much for us to catch up on!

It has been a busy 8 months…not only have we bought a house, Lee has changed jobs AND surprisingly we have nearly booked everything for our Wedding *grits teeth*.  There’s just over a year to go ARGH!

The most important thing at this point is doing our Wedding invites, which we still haven’t got around to talking about…then flowers and music *slaps forehead* (apart from the groomsmen’s outfits).  Everyone is saying “Oooh you’ll know exactly what you want music wise,” because music at Weddings is my job 🙂 but I have no idea at all.  I’d quite like an electric violinist but everyone’s like “Nooo you don’t want one of those, thats what YOU do.” Haha so I’m going to come to that dilemma after the invites have been done *grits teeth again*

Not only has our life had so many changes, but some of the bridesmaids have been making big leaps in life too 🙂  (I’ll do a “Meet The Bridesmaids” post soon, I promise).

– Robynne had a last minute Wedding *Beams* and she just moved in with her Husband last week hehe.  I am completely over the moon for her.  Although we didn’t get to see her get married as she did it in Tunisia, so I’m hoping that when they get settled we will get the chance to see them exchange vows *excited face* (feeling hopeful)
married robynne & karim

– Amy & Sam having only met once before quite a lot of years ago, are now best friends and are going on holiday to Turkey together *love* I can’t express how happy this makes me, that two of my best friends are now best friends too
amy & sam

I know, they look like double trouble don’t they?! Haha

So the Wedding planning was on hold a bit as we have had so much going on.  I was getting in a mess with all the deposits, when the outstanding balances are due, who we’d booked and how over budget we are haha *grits teeth…again again* (what’s that term, planning 2 weddings…a Pinterest wedding & one that you can actually afford haha) it was all getting a bit overwhelming.  And then you start worrying about “What if I have forgotten something?”

I spent a good few days sat down thinking and I came up with an amazing idea.  I developed a spreadsheet to help keep me on track.  I started by putting in all of the things that I needed to book and when I need to book them by, deposits I’d paid went in and I even put coding in it so it works everything out for you (I am not good at maths haha give me a calculator any day).  It has a notes section as well and all of the dates for when each thing needs to be completely paid by.  Honestly, it has been a complete life saver.  Then, I thought, “why the hell haven’t I shared this?”  So here I am, telling you all about it.  I have put a download link on my website.  It is completely free, so don’t worry.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  If you have ideas about how it could be better or more helpful then it’d be amazing if you could let me know.

You can download it here: Alexandra’s Stress-free Wedding Workbook

wedding workbook image

I hope it helps 🙂 Happy Wedding planning

Much Love

A x