Diary of a Bride – Countdown:191 Days

It’s all becoming real! A little over 6 months to go and I am feeling a little anxious…*pauses*…that’s a lie, I am full on panicking!  Constantly in my mind is what hasn’t been booked yet, or what still needs to be done, which when I break it down, putting the little things aside like the table plan/place names etc is literally just the flowers, and a band.  Ok, so two pretty big things! *rolls eyes*  And we were doing so well to get everything sorted right at the beginning of our engagement.  What can I say, life just took over.  I can’t tell you how quickly our engagement has gone.


So to give myself a kick up the bum had to happen.  “Come on Alexandra, let’s get cracking, there’s  a Wedding to plan.”  I think the dream I had the other night that it was the wedding day and I had to walk down the aisle in my jeans & t-shirt and there were no flowers helped a tad haha.  (I’d just like to point out at this moment that there are couples who get married in jeans & a t-shirt and it doesn’t matter a jot.  I am just a real girly girl and have dreamed from being small that I would get married in a big white dress).

Sooooooo…today I tootled across to Peckforton Castle, (I say tootled because today it took me 3 hours…yep, numb bum alert!) to meet up with Kate from Paragon Floral Designs who I met at the National Wedding Show in Manchester.  Thank you to Julia Braime from Unveiled Magazine for recommending her.  I really felt that the moment we met, I clicked with her, and that is exactly what I wanted with my Wedding suppliers.  pinterestI arrived armed with my ‘Clothier Wedding‘ & ‘Wedding CentrepiecesPinterest boards, which was a smart move because I could show her exactly what I like (and also what I don’t like).  Kate was incredible.  A lot of suppliers I had spoken to were like “YOU NEED THIS” and then stick a hefty price tag on, but Kate listened to what I wanted and made cheaper suggestions that would look just as good, or come up with other ideas that she thought I’d love.  I felt so relaxed.  One idea that I would never have thought of, was for the bar area.  We were chatting about if it needed any form of decoration and I was wondering if it would really be worth it, when she suggested putting vases on the tables for the Bridesmaids to put their bouquets in after the ceremony, if they didn’t want to carry them around.  Perfect, instant decoration at no extra cost.  It was like she enveloped me in a big bubble of “I will guide you and be your friend.”  When the meeting was over, we parted ways and I felt happy, safe and secure knowing that she was going to look after what I wanted along my budget as much as she could.

It’s so strange you know, being on the other side of Weddings, being the Bride rather than the Wedding supplier, but I really feel that all of those years helped me with a (more breezy than I thought) less stressful wedding planning journey.  Talking of stressful wedding planning, I popped a post on Facebook asking Brides which aspect of their Wedding planning they found the most stressful…I couldn’t believe the results…128 Brides responded:

The top 4 stresses were:

  1. Difficult Guests (31)
  2. Seating Plan (21)
  3. Guest List & Budget/paying for the wedding (Drawing with 14 each)

I’ll be delving into some of the ladies dilemma’s in the next few blogs so pop back to see what all the drama is.

Love A x