11.2.17 Mrs & Mrs – Cassie & Gemma

“Fight for the fairytale…it does exist!” – Joy F


This has to be one of the most beautiful Weddings that I ever been to, and when I say that, I’m not talking about what the venue looked like, or the fine details…I’m talking about what Gemma & Cassie have in each other.

It was exactly one year before the Wedding (11.2.16) that we first met and within five minutes of meeting they had put a deposit down, just like that!  I really enjoyed meeting them and honestly regret not getting to know them more on the lead up to their big day.  I love getting to know my Brides and chatting with them on the phone.

I kidnapped my Dad for this one and he came along for the Drive which came in handy when it came to parking the car *grits teeth*.  It was one of those really tight multi storey car parks…although I can’t say he was massively successful in parking haha to say his last name is Parker. (Sorry Dad).


I was super early and ready in no time!  I love this dress.  It’s not the clearest photo, but I got it from Osh Gosh Gowns in Scunthorpe…there’ll be a blog about my shopping trip there…I might call it ‘Dress Heaven’ haha, you’ll see why when you read the blog.


Oh yes, I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you, looking at this photo reminded me when I saw my iPad on my music stand *slaps forehead*.  Massive and brave development on my part because I am honestly a bit of a technophobe, not in being able to use it, I just don’t trust it haha.  I finally took the plunge and got myself an A4 iPad and transferred all of my sheet music onto it so now I am paper music freeeeeeeeee.  No more messing about with lots of sheet music or books.  It is so much tidier, quieter and wind proof *smiles*.  Yep, I can play outside without a care in the world about my music flying away haha.  So this wedding was nerve racking because it was my first time using the iPad.  I was so nervous that I even took the music books with me just in case, but thankfully everything went perfectly.

Gemma & Cassies song choices were great…

Bridal Entrance: You & Me – Lifehouse
Register Signing: Look After You – The Fray, A Thousand Years – Christina Perri, Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
Exit of Married Couple: Marry You – Bruno Mars

…and they got ready together in the Bridal Suite which sounded like so much fun, before walking down the aisle together.  I’ve played for a few Mrs & Mrs Weddings before and it’s so lovely when the couple walk down the aisle together.  I think it adds a special touch.  I’ll tell you what was really strange but amazing…there was this incredibly overwhelming feeling of love in the room that made my heart feel all weak (don’t worry, it’s all good, I’ve had it checked out at the doctors haha).  Honestly, you just had to be there to feel it, it sounds so cheesy but honestly, it was almost crippling., which meant that when this moment happened (below) there were lots of tears (mostly from me).  If you know me then you’ll know that I rarely get through a wedding without crying!


❤ such a beautiful moment!

Congratulations to Mrs & Mrs Hartley 😀 may you both have a beautiful life together to follow your beautiful day.