Diary Of A Bride – The Panic Is On!

27th February 2017
Countdown: 5 Months to the day

Ok, so I’m having a major panic…it’s Wedding dress related!

My amazing friend took me to New York last April to go Wedding Dress shopping and on day 1 I found ‘The One’.  There were in fact 2 that I loved but Gina had a good point when she said “You are NOT walking down the aisle in THAT.  My Husbands eye’s will pop out of his head!” It was beautiful, but yes, it was a bit busty…and $8000 (I know, I lost my breath too).   Even though it was everything I had dreamed it would be, no tears appeared in my eyes, not even a tiny one.

‘The One’ was far from what I imagined I would get married in but I felt like a princess and I cried! (Sorry girls, I can’t show you until after the Wedding).  I joked with Lee that it was green with pink pompoms on and kept sending him hilarious photo’s of wedding dresses saying “Is this the one?”

bad dress 2bad dressbad dress 4

But in all seriousness, I am 80% certain that he will hate ‘The One’.  There’ll be tv programs or photo’s in magazines with dresses similar to mine and he’ll say “Oh god, I don’t like those style dresses at all.”  Part of me thinks he’s kidding to get me worried (we do this to each other sometimes because for some reason we think it’s funny), but I am genuinely worried.  What do I do?!

Every girls dream is for her fiancé to see her walking down the aisle and just crumble because of how breathtaking she looks (yes I know, it’s all very hollywood).

I’m heading back to L’Fay Bridal Boutique in New York this April for my final dress fittings.  I am SO excited but can’t help but feel apprehensive about ‘The One’ now *grits teeth*.  I think I’m just going to wait to see how I feel when I put the dress on again and see if it gives me that same feeling that I had before.  God I am so worried haha.

Aside from the Wedding Dress drama, wedding planning has been going ok.  Booked a band *beams* haha yep…and the quote from Kate at Paragon Floral Design came through.  I’m not going to lie, it was waaaaaaay over our budget but she was amazing.  I gave her a call and was like “Kate, how can we make it cheaper?  It’s still way over what we want to spend.”  We had an amazing chat.  Simply reducing the size of the displays took a hefty chunk off the price!  So we are settled, just need to find the money to pay a 25% deposit to secure her for the date *slaps forehead*.

Finally getting my arse in gear now where beauty is concerned.  I have all my beauty treatments booked before the day EEK I can’t WAIT:

– Massage
-Clarins Body Polish
-Geleration Pedicure

Just got my semi-permanent lashes to book in for now and I think I’ll have covered everything.  Have I? *wobbly face* I have been considering semi-permanent eyebrows too.  What do you think?  We go on honeymoon two days after the wedding so I want to be beach ready from pretty much the moment I wake up haha.

See you next month xx

For now I’ll leave you with two of my fave photo’s from this month with Lee haha:

The drunk photo (this is a rare occurrence -for me anyway haha)

The “He’s snoring” photo

Haha love to you all xxx