18.2.17 – Mr & Mrs Jones

“True love stands by each others side on good days, and stands even closer on bad days”

It had been years since I played for a Wedding at Waterton Park Hotel.  So many years that I wasn’t sure that they would remember me haha.  As I pulled up, Pauline (the wedding coordinator) was walking back over the bridge towards me and straight away said “Hi Alexandra” 🙂 Amazing!  I am a stranger no more haha!


When I reached the ceremony room (carrying equipment up stairs = very good exercise…who needs a gym hehe) I bumper into Adele from Blue Lights Photography.  Now it really has been an age since I’ve seen her.  It always makes such a difference to a Wedding when I see people that I know, but most of all, she was going to make the biggest difference to Lisa & Reuben’s Wedding.  Her photography is incredible…she always catches the most crucial moments.

Champagne and Navy was the colour scheme and it looked beautiful.  It also meant that I got to wear my dress from Osh Gosh gowns again haha.  Navy seems to be THE 2017 Wedding colour.


I was sat at the back of room playing for the guests coming in and being seated.  Oh my life there were some amazing outfits. When Lisa was ready to walk down the aisle…I began playing ‘A Thousand Years’ when the door to the ceremony room opened.  I turned to look at Lisa & her Bridesmaids waiting nervously outside the room and tears filled my eyes.  She looked breath taking.  I couldn’t wait to see Reuben’s face when he saw her!

lisa walking down aisle*Photo by Blue Lights Photography*

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional.  I just about kept it together.  They really really REALLY love each other.

When it came to signing the register and having some photos, I played ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’, ‘Nothing Compares To You’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’…all amazing songs.

Everything was perfect and so well put together.  Lisa & Reuben did a fantastic job!  They were announced as husband and wife, had a big romantic kiss and then I played ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay as they left the room as a married couple *grins* as the guests followed them out, they were dancing haha.  I loved it.  If you were in a really bad mood and walked into that room, you couldn’t have helped but have been stupidly happy 😀

I moved my equipment downstairs into another room where they were having a Drinks Reception.  It was a bit chilly outside so everybody was in the bar and sat chatting.  Adele popped in to tell me that she was taking everybody outside for 10 minutes for some group photo’s so “you can have a rest  for a bit”. Haha so rather than have a rest I took the opportunity to film a cover video for youtube:

If you love my dress, you need to head to Osh Gosh Gowns in Scunthorpe…honestly, it’s a girls dream land!

It really was a beautiful wedding and I wish lisa & Reuben a life time of happiness together.

Here’s some beautiful photo’s taken by Adele from Blue Lights Photography of Lisa & Reuben’s perfect day.
reuebn and lisa
*Reuben and his best man – both eagerly awaiting the Bride & her Bridesmaids

lisa & reuben

Much Love xxx