Diary of a Bride – The Bridezilla Moment

27th March 2017
Countdown: 4 Months exactly

Yep, I had a Bridezilla moment, a very very public one.  I was completely losing my s**t at the wrong time and in the wrong place…or so I thought!

The Suit Fitting

Whilst I was performing for the Kirkwood Hospice Ball, Lee took his Dad (John), Best Man (Sean) and 6 Groomsmen to Jeff Banks in Doncaster for their suit fittings.

The choices were:

  • Bespoke Suit (Lee, Best Man Sean, John – Father of the Groom)
  • Suit off the peg
  • Hire Suit (All Groomsmen)

The suit colours were completely left to Lee and what he wanted but we did go through the suit materials/colours together.  We wanted to make sure that my Wedding dress, the Bridesmaids Dresses and the mens suits all complimented each another.  The bespoke suits are quite a striking blue.  Lee’s going to have blush silk to compliment me and Sean is going to have purple silk to compliment the Bridesmaids.  Oh yes…these are our Wedding colours:

diary of a bride 5

Although cost wise, it really is a no-brainer to go for the hire suits, I am so nervous about them because I have heard some horror stories about them arriving a few days before the Wedding and being either way too big or way too small for people, even after they got measured for them.

Lee won’t let me see him in his suit *grits teeth* because he wants it to be a surprise on the day…I’m beside myself with excitement when I think about that moment when I’m stood at the top of the aisle ready to walk down with my Dad, and I see Lee for the first time…*butterflies* (passes you a sick bucket).  But he DID send me a photo of his Dad at the suit fitting.  I can hear Lee’s Nan (93) saying “Get your hands out of your pockets Edwin John Clothier!” *Hides* No one wants to get full named haha.

diary of a bride 3

The Bridezilla Moment

“…making sure your Dad looks the part on the big day.  If he looks like he’s just on the way into the office, he got it wrong…his outfit ought to co-ordinate with the rest of the Bridal party, otherwise he’ll stick out like a sore thumb come photo time, and no body wants that.” – Brides Magazine (2012)

The Dad they are talking about…that’s my Dad!  Insisting on wearing one of the suits that he wears for work.  “Dad, you can’t walk me down the aisle in a work suit…no!” Fair enough if he was attending a wedding as a guest, but he’s the Father of the Bride.

Hands down, this was my ONLY Wedding stress!!!

It was really important to Lee and I that the Wedding Party matched.

Wedding Party:

  • Bride
  • Groom
  • Best Man
  • Groomsmen
  • Page Boy
  • Parents of Groom
  • Parents of Bride
  • Maid of Honour
  • Bridesmaids
  • Flower Girl

But my Dad was having none of it! “If I can’t wear a business suit then I’ll wear my tux!”  I can’t tell you how many times we had a heated discussion about ‘The Suit’.  I showed him the photo of Lee’s Dad in the bespoke suit which he admitted looked really nice.  He even said, and I quote “It would look a bit silly if I was wearing a different colour suit to the rest of the wedding party.” (Saturday 18th March 2017 at approximately 21:50 on the M62 in the Audi- yes Dad hahahaha)

“If the Groom and Groomsmen are wearing tuxes, you will too.” – The Knot (2012)

I managed to persuade him to meet us at Jeff Banks the following day (Sunday) to at least try on one of the bespoke suits and the hire suit to see what he thought. “Please be open minded Dad, just try them on and see.”  I asked Grandma to come too so that I had some back up.  I knew that she’d be honest about how they looked and there’s no way she’d let him look silly or bad.

Well, my Dad was coming out with all sorts, two of those sentences being:

  1. I’m not wearing a kids suit! (Lee is 43)
  2. I want to wear a business suit!

I could feel myself boiling up inside…I was about to explode…oh no…Bridezilla moment approaching in 3, 2, 1…”DAD!!! NO, ARE YOU KIDDING ME…YOU said you’ll look silly if you don’t match…they were YOUR WORDS…that came out of YOUR MOUTH! You can NOT walk me down the aisle in a business suit and NO you can NOT wear a tux, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb!  For god sake Dad, this is the only thing I’m stressed about!  I’m losing my s**t!” This was followed by exasperated noises and tears filling my eyes.  I can’t describe how infuriated I felt.  I sounded like a spoilt child but everything he said I felt was either ridiculing or insulting.  If my Mum was here she would have sorted it out in a second.

Anyway, all the staff in Jeff Banks were ‘on it’.  They couldn’t have been more amazing with him and I was so impressed.  “Sir, you have two choices, this bespoke suit, or this hire suit.  It’s your only Daughters Wedding, come on now.  Look at how stressed she is about this.  I can promise you sir, we will make sure that you look and feel good in it.”

Now I’ll admit…the last thing I want him to feel is that he doesn’t look good, or for him to feel uncomfortable…I don’t want to bully him into wearing something he doesn’t like, but he was just trying to be awkward.  I know this because when he put the bespoke suit on, I could tell by his face how much he liked it *grins* and he still tried to pretend that he didn’t haha. I swear he does it on purpose just to create some drama so that I have something to write about…am I right Dad?

My stress is now over…Dad decided to go for the bespoke suit, which he actually really likes *sigh of relief*

I’d just like to add, there was a Groomzilla moment about the suit too behind the scenes but when I was losing it, Lee had to keep his cool haha because if we both lost it at the same time it would have been  nightmare haha *covers face*

Giving Your Notice of Marriage

This is a process that I was unfamiliar with, and I found when talking to people that many others didn’t really know about it either.  If you are getting married in a church, giving your notice of marriage is not something that you have to think about as they do it all for you.  If you’re getting married in a register office or other venue then you have to give notice to your local register office at least 28 days before the wedding.

What you need:

  • £70 (it costs £35 each to give notice of marriage)
  • Proof of name, age and nationality  – safe to take all of the following: passport, birth certificate, driving license, utility bill from last 3 months

Not only do you need to give notice in your local register office, but you need to book a registrar for your Wedding day to conduct the ceremony.

When you’ve given notice, they put it up in the register office for 28 days so that anyone can go in and object to you getting married *grits teeth* that made me nervous.  “It very rarely happens,” said the registrar…so it does happen then *eek*

For more info on giving your notice of marriage, click here: Notice of Marriage

Opening the RSVP’s
diary of a bride

Mothers day is always a difficult one for me.  My Mum passed away in Feb 2015.  The first one I slept all day and I can’t remember the second one so I’m assuming that I slept that day too haha.  I planned absolutely nothing for this Mothers Day, apart from opening up the R.S.V.P’s that we got back.  It actually turned out to be a pretty fantastic day.

The weather was glorious, I felt bouncy and happy.  Heather (future Mother-in-law) came over to watch some programs we had recorded for her but the three of us ended up chatting for hours and sharing stories…it was so lovely.  Later on Lee and I went for a stroll to our local Pub, The Old School Inn for a glass of wine whilst we opened the R.S.V.P’s.  Some of the notes were so funny.  This one was a random one…

diary of a bride 4

There were two cards in the invitation for our invited guests to return: one for if they were coming or not, and a second one for song requests and dietary requirements.  We felt so disappointed that only 10 people sent back the second card with song requests because we were so excited about looking through all of the song choices, but when we opened the one above we realised how un-obvious it must have been haha.  Looking back we should have had just one card for them to return with everything on it.  I’d say, “Oh well, next time eh,” but I’m kinda of hoping that there won’t be a next time haha.

Just been sat with a glass of wine in the pub was lovely…a very rare occasion for me.  It’s something that I never ever do.  I must do it more often.

I’ll leave you with a photo of me and Lee from this month 🙂 we only took 2 in the whole month, that’s how little we have seen each other *sad face*

see you next month xx

diry of a bride 6