My March Round Up

Here’s a round up of all my March cover video’s.

You know it’s a busy time when my hair is all scraped back into a ponytail, including my fringe haha.  I had a tiny gap in my diary to squeeze in the filming of these 3 video’s. I love this first song by Zara Larsson…in fact I love her in general, as an artist. This song, I thought could sound really cool on violin, so I gave it a bash 🙂 I quite like it!

Polovtsian Dance…it always takes me a few attempts to spell it correctly. None of my Brides have ever picked this piece of music, not one, but I think it would be so beautiful for walking down the aisle.  I really could lose myself while playing this piece.

One of my complete favourites 😀 also one of the most popular pieces amongst my Brides for walking down the aisle.  There have been many times when I have broken down in tears whilst playing Chi Mai.  It really hits me in my heart!  Ennio Morricone has some fantastic compositions, so have a nosey at some of his other stuff.  If you like this, I’m pretty confident that you’ll like everything he has written.

I am not a Star Trek fan.  I grew up with a Dad that loved it and a Mum who used to call it ‘The Funny Faces Show’, but I heard this track on the radio and loved it.  I thought it’d sound incredible on the violin and found out that it was from the 2016 Star Trek film.

There are generally five songs that pretty much 95% of my Brides choose for their big day.  I think ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ is beautiful but rarely gets chosen.

I hope you enjoyed this months ‘Round Up’ blog…I wonder what video’s are in store for April.

See you soon

A x