1.4.17 Mr & Mrs Mystery at Hotel Cafe Royal

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be – Unknown”

I feel like I need an escape at the moment, and this was the perfect opportunity.  In a weird way it felt like an 18 hour mini holiday, away from real life and people drama.

Once again this was a trip with Dad.  I learned my lesson from the last event that he came to (Kirkwood Hospice Ball) and prepared all of my equipment myself haha.  There were to be no drama’s on this trip!

Knowing The Bride

I had never met the Bride before.  She found me on the internet and had a hectic life so we never had the chance to meet before the day.  Jackie (The Bride) actually got married in January in York but never had a party, so this was it, the big party.  As you know, I love getting to know my couples…I didn’t even know what Jackie looked like or what her husbands name is, and I didn’t like that.  It felt so impersonal.

Parking Palava

There isn’t a lot of convenient parking near Hotel Cafe Royal, and there are no loading bays either haha.  The nearest car park we found was a 20 minute walk (with my equipment – next time I’ll take a trolley haha) so I was well exercised by the time we got there – cardio AND weight lifting haha.

What a load of Crepe
Every time I visit London, I HAVE to swing by St Christopher’s Place to indulge in a yummy crepe.  I usually go for Strawberries with Nutella.  They are so delicious.  So, Dad & I headed down there after we’d finished setting up and sound checking.  If you’ve never been, it is such a treat.  Get yourself down there and fill your face!!!
cafe creppMust get myself one of those hot plates that they make crepes on…hmmm, I guess that could be dangerous.  It wouldn’t take me long to no longer fit into any of my dresses *grits teeth*

The Dress Doesn’t Fit
Oh no, it happened!!!  In January I went on a shopping trip to Osh Gosh Gowns in Scunthorpe and treat myself to three gorgeous dresses (or was it four?).  The beauty that I was going to put on tonight was an Ellie Wilde design, a 2 piece outfit.  The skirt which you can see in the photo below is half of it haha.  The top was a cropped lace pink, hand beaded top.  It was perfect for tonights event.

I managed to fasten the top but I could not breathe in it at all.  it came straight off and then the dilemma was, “What do I wear?”  Luckily I had brought a few dresses.  I was completely set on wearing the Ellie Wilde skirt, so I paired it with a Celeb Boutique dress, and alas, I had a complete outfit 😀 *relief*

I couldn’t believe that since January, in 3-4 months I had put weight on, so much that my new dress wouldn’t fasten up whilst allowing me to breathe haha.
I love the skirt.  One of my favourite things about it is that it has pockets.  what a genius idea…no need for a handbag, perfect!

The Performance

I had been booked for a 30 minute performance, but when I got to the the venue I was told that I would be playing during the main course.  I instantly felt guilty because I didn’t feel like the bride & groom would be getting value for money as much as they would have done, as although live music is great during a meal, it’s not something that the guests will necessarily be particularly bothered about.  I always advise my Brides against booking live music for their Wedding Breakfast for this exact reason.  I just feel that they can spend that money better elsewhere.  If there had been a break between the main course and dessert for a performance that would have been perfect and really added something special to this part of the wedding.

With this in mind, I performed rather than being stood playing background music.  When there were no waiting staff I walked between the tables and played to individual guests, I danced around on stage whilst I played and every body loved it.  I loved it.  I love what I do.

Apres Wine & The Secret Hiding Place

After my performance me and Dad headed out into London for some Drinks, people watching and a chin wag.  we had such a laugh.  We face timed my Grandma too.  She’s 90 and has an iPad haha, she’s better on it than I am.  We met plenty of locals which is always nice when you visit somewhere.


Time To Go Home
It was time to head back to the hotel to grab the stuff and head to the car.  I did NOT fancy walking all that way with the equipment again, especially at 11pm so we ordered a cab haha.  Whilst we waited I nipped into a cake shop (Cafe Concerto) across the road from Hotel  Cafe Royal and got some take out cake for me and Dad, YUM.  My sole intention was to sit up in bed and stuff my face when I got home.  I love doing that when I’ve done a late night event.  Get into bed, watch Netflix and eat until almost 5am haha.

The taxi driver was great.  When we pulled up at the car park he helped us transfer everything from his cab to Dads car.  He was a really lovely chap.  He was telling me all about his three daughters.


Bed Time
It was 4am when I got home.  The front door was locked and Lee had left the keys in it so I couldn’t get in…wonderful.  Luckily my office door is at the front and is connected to the house *phew* so I snook in as quietly as possible so that I didn’t wake Lee, or the little one, Jasmine, who was sleeping soundly.

My makeup came off, my PJ’s went on and I jumped into the spare bed with Netflix and my cake haha.  I think I was awake until 6am.  The cake was divine, absolutely delicious and so rich.  I’ll definitely be going back there the next time I’m in London.


I never did get to meet the Bride & Groom and still to this day have no idea who they are or what they look like.  I had a great night though 🙂

Love to you all x