22.4.17 Mr & Mrs Frost

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” —Judy Garland

I first met Chloe & Andrew at the ‘I Do Magazine’ Wedding Fair at Doncaster Racecourse and we got on like a house on fire.  I invited them to my home studio for a cuppa (or a glass of Prosecco or 2) to have a chat about the big day and play through some songs for them.  I loved them both.  We had such a laugh.  You know when you just instantly get on with someone and it just feels so easy to talk with them.  And they are without a doubt, both absolutely perfect for one another.

Chloe & Andrew were getting married at Wortley Hall in Sheffield.  It was a long time since I had been there so I was struggling to picture it in my head.  I pulled up and walked inside.  Suddenly I had two flash backs of Weddings I had done there haha.

At one of them, I was sat in the Ceremony room playing some gentle background music as the guests took their seats, and as the Bride was about the arrive, one of the guests who was heavily pregnant, went into labour.

I was playing for the Drinks Reception at the other Wedding.  The guests took their seats across the hall ready for the wedding breakfast whilst the Bride was chatting to me saying how lovely the day had been so far, when a couple of guests walked out of the wedding breakfast room to nip to the loo.  Well, the Bride turned into a completely different person and started demonically screaming at them “GET THE F**K BACK IN THAT F**KING ROOM!” I was totally gobsmacked haha then she turned to me and carried on gently talking about the day haha.

The Wedding Day of Mr & Mrs Frost

chloe1Photo by Shoot Photography

I was super early once again to set up ready for the guests being seated in the ceremony room, which looked wonderful.  The colour scheme of pink and grey chosen by Chloe & Andrew really complimented the colours of the room.  I was greeted by Andrew and some of his guests. After I’d set up I saw him outside the room looking a little frazzled so I asked him how he was feeling, to which his response was “I’d feel a lot better if people got themselves organised,” hehe I think he was feeling the frustrations and pressures of the day.  So we had a little chin wag about what was going on.

Chloe was upstairs getting herself ready to become a wife 😀 *eeeek* her hair and makeup looked amazing.

I played some light background music in the ceremony room whilst we waited for Chloe to arrive.  It was such an emotional entrance as she walked down the aisle to ‘Have I Told You Lately’ by Van Morrison, and she looked breath taking.  The ceremony was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes (sometimes you just can’t hold it in).  The vows were so meaningful.  Ooo I managed to get a photo of the kiss 😀


I played Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’, and Bryan Adams ‘Everything I do, I Do It for You’ during the signing of the register.  They were lovely choices and not very common choices either which I think makes it a bit more special.  When Chloe & Andrew were ready to make their way back up the aisle as Mr & Mrs Frost I play ‘Viva la Vida’ by Coldplay.  I LOVE it.  What a great song to exit to.  It’s lively, upbeat and happy and changes the mood in the room from romantic to fun, which is perfect for leading in to the Drinks Reception.

During the Drinks Reception I played a mix of different styles to suit everybody in the hope that all of the guests would hear something that they loved, whilst having photographs outside.

I loved the Bridesmaid dresses.  They had a grecian feel to them with lovely detail on the back which was beautiful.
Photo by Shoot Photography

Before the guests began to arrive earlier in the day, I had a nosey in the Wedding Breakfast room to see how Chloe & Andrew had it styled.  It was wonderful.  It’s a beautiful room anyway.  They had some tall centrepieces and some lower level centrepieces which looked quite striking, and the table plan was really cute.

Check out the ceiling…

It is just stunning!!!

It really was a wonderful day.  I will leave you with some more photo’s by Shoot Photography of Mr & Mrs Frost on their big day.

Love to you all

A xxx


chloe4and one from the photo booth – of course…couldn’t miss out the fun one 😀