My June Round Up

Here’s a round up of all of my June cover video’s…(and April…and May haha)

The last few months have been nothing short of mental, so filming some cover video’s has been a bit of a struggle.  So when I got around to it, I made sure I picked some bloody good songs 🙂


This would be a great exit song, although it has a bit of a slow start…I think it would be perfect as an entrance song if you want something uplifting, and modern.


Bryan Adams.  You can’t beat a bit of Bryan Adams at a Wedding.  This song would be perfect for a Bridal entrance or for the signing of the register.  Oooo I love this one.


Here it is.  The month that you were waiting for 🙂 Here are two cracking new songs that I learnt.  I love them both.

Lee (my Husband-To-Be) thought this would be a good one.  I was apprehensive but thought i would give it a go, and bloody hell, he was right.  This is now one of my favourites.

A fantastic exit song 🙂 who doesn’t like a bit of Coldplay.  This song means a lot to me.

I’m looking forward to next months video’s already.  Excitingly it’s 4 weeks today until I become a Wife so I’ve been thinking about my music choices.  If you’ve got any ideas just bang me a message over and I’ll start learning them.

Have a fab day

Love to you xx