30.6.17 Mr & Mrs Elliot

“If you live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus 1 day so I never have to live without you” – A.A Milne

I met Laura & Ben on 15th March 2016.  Laura is one of those rare beauties with a genuinely kind & gentle heart.  Watching her and Ben together was really heart warming.  When he looked at her his eyes just filled with love.  Here is the perfect example of a couple who are completely entwined.  I was so excited to see them get married…and yes, there were tears!

As I pulled into the Wentbridge House Hotel grounds I looked up at the sky…it looked ominous. Laura really wanted to have the ceremony outside and if you could see the grounds you would understand exactly why.  I usually set up an hour before the Bride is due to walk down the aisle but with the rain being on…and then off…and then on again, the decision was with the registrars when they arrived as the marriage register is super old and has to be preserved.  It was 12:10pm, there were only 20mins before Laura was due to walk down the aisle and a decision hadn’t been made yet.  The staff and I were feeling a little anxious because we had such a limited amount of time to set up.  I headed outside to get a feel of the air and made a snap decision…I’m setting up inside.  If the decision changes I can always move but at least I’m set up.

12:15pm a decision was made – inside! Phew…I was ready to go!

30.6.17 2

The Ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  It was really emotional, I certainly teared up a few times.  They had a lovely reading from Winnie the Pooh! All of the music Laura & Ben chose was mainly classical which was a wonderful difference.  My younger couples generally choose all of the popular songs.

Bridal Entrance: The Swan

Register Signing: Air on a G String, Polotsvian Dance, Have I told You Lately (not classical) and Nutcracker March

Married Couple Exit: Marry You – Bruno Mars


After the ceremony everybody headed outside for Drinks, Canapés and photos.  I always remember the canapés at Wentbridge a they always have those mini fish and chip cones…yummy.  My Dad remembers those too form the days when he’d drive me to Weddings.  He has been insisting that we have those for my Wedding haha.

Anyway, I moved my equipment outside…and in all honesty it was a little dangerous with an electric violin as it was raining.  You know that fine rain that you don’t feel but in actual fact you end up soaked to the bone.  I didn’t mind about my hair so much haha just my violin.  That’s the only trouble for a musician at Wentbridge House Hotel…the bar area is at the other side of the hotel to the gardens so if everyone is outside and it’s raining, I’m afraid you’re playing outside otherwise no one is going to hear you.  Here’s the empty bar…
30.6.17 7

The cake and the flowers were cute…

I wish Mr & Mrs Elliott a lifetime of health & happiness

Love to you both xxx

30.6.17 3