New Year, New Me (2018)

“This is the beginning of anything you want.” – Unknown

2018 is the year that I hit the big 30.  I find myself thinking about the things that I wanted to experience before I turned 30 and how life seems to be a mishmash of work and prioritising everyone else around me.  Yep, I’m a people pleaser.  So many times in 2017 I longed for a “life pause” button so that I could just breath for a little bit.

Well, this is the year that I will be a bit more selfish…at least for 30mins per month.  I have pre booked 11 massage appointments for 2018 *smiles*

Entering January I always feel fired up ready for the year ahead, full of motivation and determination along with some new years resolutions.  Not this year!  Rather than new years resolutions I have made a 2018 bucket list AND I am doing a 30 days challenge every month, (apart from February, because there’re only 28 days haha).

January’s challenge is “30 Days of Sorting The House”, either tidying, cleaning or fixing things…even decorating, and in all honesty, it’s the 28th January and I’ve probably stuck to my 30 day challenge for 20 days so far *grits teeth*.  Although, I proudly rewired & soldered a plug, which works (even though it did spark when I plugged it in) and I siliconed the shower base…with no assistance or instruction, so I feel like i can let myself off.

February’s 30 day challenge (well, 28 days) is definitely going to be a challenge…30 Days Of Exercise *head in hands*.  Wish me luck.

I already have lots of exciting events to look forward to performing at this year, including:

  • February 14th
    • – Valentines lunch at Walkers Nurseries, Blaxton, 2pm
    • – Valentines Dinner at Bibi’s Italian, Leeds, 6:30pm
  • March 2nd – Law Society Dinner Dance (Private Event)
  • March 11th – Mothers Day Dinner, Bibi’s Italian, Leeds
  • July 3rd-5th – Blachere Illumination Client Golfing Event, Old Course Hotel, St Andrews (Private Event)

…and many more.

I feel like I should tell you what’s on my 2018 bucket list so that I can look back at the end of the year to see how many of them I did.  It’s a mixture of work, personal & pleasure.

Ok, here it is…(if you think there’s something I should add, do let me know:

  1. Record an album
  2. Do a music video
  3. Publish a book
  4. Be able to hip raise 110Kg
  5. Learn to be a ninja (7 lessons in)
  6. Buy a new (not brand new) car
  7. Hire a supercar for a day
  8. Indoor Skydive (because I’m too scared to do one outside)
  9. Visit London Zoo
  10. Visit Clothier Arms (because now I’m a Clothier)
  11. Go to a music concert
  12. Stay in Seaham (again) with my husband
  13. Visit Bamburgh Castle (again) with my husband
  14. Get health MOT then go forth with “mission: get pregnant”

3 Year Summary

What I have to remember is how far I have come since 2015 (when my Mum passed away).  Following my Mums death in February 2015 which led to lots of family conflict, by August 2015 I fell flat on my arse with severe depression, spending all of my days in bed, not eating constant panic attacks, and the thought of even showering was stressful and overwhelming.

My Mum Carole Ann Parker in May 2014

Lee (my now Husband) & I hadn’t been together for long (just a few months).  He picked me up and put me back together.  He was so supportive and patient.  In October 2015 he asked me to marry him & of course, I said yes *smiles*. By December 2015 I was ready to get back to normal.  I rebranded my business with Liam, CEO of Attract & spent time with him as he helped me gain my confidence back in business.

I fought my way through 2016, beginning to rebuild my business and improve my health.  This is the year that Lee & I bought our first house together.

2017 just got better.  My business grew by 50% compared to 2016 & Lee and I got married.

Photography by: Flawless Photography

We’re in 2018 now and I have mapped out what I want my year to look like, for both my personal life and my business, and I just can’t wait to get cracking.

With Love

Alexandra xxx